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Types of Fertilizer

A dedicated gardener will know that his crops will only be as good as his soil. That is why fertilizers are so important. Basically, fertilizers condition the soil into ideal conditions for plant growth. There are many different kinds of fertilizers but they can be simply divided up into organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. Both kinds are manufactured and sold by the bag or by wholesale. Below are listed some common types of fertilizer.

  • Humic acid -Also called fulvic acid, this is an organic fertilizer. Placing humic acid will allow your plants to absorb more minerals from the soil.
  • Sodium Nitrates – A chemical manufactured fertilizer that uses 16 percent nitrogen. Sodium Nitrate is useful in soil that is highly acidic.
  • Manure – Manure is an organic fertilizer. It is biological waste from animals and fish that is also high in nitrogen. You can often purchase manure wholesale at some farms or garden supply stores.
  • Ammonium Sulphate – This fertilizer is a mix of ammonia, calcium and nitrogen. It is easily used by growers but frequently apply it can eventually cause the soil to turn acidic. Therefore, it is best used when combined with organic fertilizers.
  • Super Phosphate – A chemical fertilizer that is made in a factory from organic rock phosphate. This type of fertilizer has a high concentration of phosphoric acid and it beneficial to all garden types, even those with acidic soils. It should be used at sowing time.
  • Urea – A highly concentrated organic form of nitrogen that is produced in small pellets. It adds large amounts of nitrogen into the soil and is useful for sowing the soil. However, urea should not be used if it can come in contact with plant seeds.

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