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FAQs Regarding Proctologists
If you are seeking professional assistance from a proctologist, here are some frequently asked questions to assist you:

What Health Conditions Do Proctologists Specialize In?
A proctologist is a medical professional that specializes in treating diseases and disorders of the colon, anus, and rectum. Any organs found near the colon may also be addressed by a proctologist. Some specialists in this field of medicine perform surgery to correct conditions like hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and cancerous growths. Some other health conditions dealt with by proctologists are colic disorder, Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Can Any Proctologist Perform Colorectal Surgery?
It is imperative to always discuss colorectal surgery, or any surgery involving the colon and rectum, with your doctor or proctologist prior to making any decisions. Not all professionals in this field will be able to assist you with a surgical procedure like hemorrhoid removal. Typically you will be recommended to one or more specialists. It is wise to consult each surgeon to learn more about his or her background, before you make any final decisions.

Do Proctologists Always Prescribe Medicine for Bowel Disorders?
This simply depends on your disorder or condition. If you suffer from a condition like Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome, there are certain medications that can be prescribed to help reduce the symptoms. However, since some people prefer to not take a medication, there are alternative options, such as lifestyle changes. The proctologist may recommend a change in your diet to help relieve certain symptoms of a disorder. This may involve cutting out some foods and beverages.

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