Cable Television Service in 90032 Zip Code
Types of Cable Television Service

If your TV viewing habits run more than the basic channels offered by national networks and local access, some kind of cable package could be the best media option for what you like to watch. Not only can you access cable TV channels in this way, but this technology can also function for Internet access and telephone service. Offered using broadband technology, which increases the amount of data which can be stored, cable packages can thus allow customers to watch cable TV, make telephone calls and visit Internet sites. Some of the particular TV-related facets of cable subscription are listed below.

  • HD - Standing for high-definition, this category for TV access allows customers an increased level of visual quality in comparison to regular network and cable TV. The specific quality of this service is identified by pixel frame size, with the most common being 720p and 1080p.
  • DVR - Standing for digital video recorder, these are connected to a person's TV in order to record episodes or films which play at a time when the customer cannot or prefers not to watch them.
  • Satellite TV - Differing somewhat from other means of watching cable TV, this access route comes in conjunction with a satellite dish. People tend to set up these devices when they live in rural areas or places otherwise inconvenient for or cut off from regular cable.
  • Broadband - A format which, when used for cable TV channels or any other kind of media, offers an increased amount of information. Providers will compress the TV signal in order to include more data.

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