Window Cleaning in 90008 Zip Code
Types of Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning companies have the proper equipment to safely clean windows that are above ground level. Since many people dread the task of cleaning their own windows or lack the ability to, professional services can be very useful. Below are a few types of window cleaning services offered by professional window washers.

  • High-Rise Window Cleaning – Commercial cleaning services for high-rise or mid-rise buildings that make use of suspended scaffolds, ground lifts, and rappelling seats called bosun’s chairs. High-rise window cleaning can be very dangerous, so most businesses hire a professional company.
  • Residential Window Cleaning – Indoor and outdoor home window cleaning services. Window washers will often use ladders or special tools to clean second or third story windows on a house. Residential service typically includes things like glass, screen, track, frame, and windowsill cleaning.
  • Pressure Washing – Often the screens from windows in a home or commercial building will be pressure washed by a window cleaning company. Window screens tend to get very dirty and can transfer their dirt onto windows when it rains.
  • Razor Scraping – The process of carefully removing a sticker or debris that is stuck to glass using a razor to scrape it off. Razor scraping is often used when construction materials like cement or plaster have dirtied windows. Sometimes chemical solutions are used instead of or in addition to razor scraping to remove difficult stickers and debris.
  • Winter Window Cleaning – Many companies offer their window cleaning services during the winter. They use special cleaning products that have antifreeze to keep the windows on your house clean even at below freezing temperatures.

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