Foam & Sponge Rubber in 87109 Zip Code
Types and Uses of Foam And Sponge Rubber

Foam and Sponge rubber has many uses for out on the field as well as in the home. It retains the heat in your home, absorbs the impact of your step, and can even be extruded from a grenade launcher to non lethally disperse a non compliant crowd. Foam and sponge rubber are found in thousands of products manufactured all over the world.

One of the more popular uses for foam rubber is insulating a home or building in order to retain heat. One particular type of insulation is known as Extruded Polystyrene and is primarily used on exterior walls. This rigid foam rubber contains millions of densely packed air cells. It is normally fabricated in sheets and is firm enough to easily score, then cut or snap to shape.

Neoprene is another widely used insulation. Primarily fabricated for use in manufacturing wetsuits, this permeable sponge rubber molds to the diver's body and absorbs water. The body's own heat then warms the water in the Neoprene, thereby preventing the diver from getting chilled while diving. Wetsuits come in a variety of thicknesses in order to protect the diver from various temperatures extremes. Neoprene also has other uses such as electrical insulation,and laptop sleeves.

Spray foam insulation is seeing a rise in use for home insulation. Unlike the more common sheet-style insulation, the spray foam is applied much like paint. As it dries, it expands to a 1 inch or more thickness, sealing out cold and even dust. It is relatively easy to apply and like its polystyrene sister, this polyurethane is highly mold resistant.

Whatever insulation type you choose, whether to keep your vitals warm while 100 feet deep in the ocean, or to keep out the cold winter air, it pays to do your homework and solicit the advice of a professional.

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