Food Banks in 85757 Zip Code
How To Help a Food Bank

There are many forms of aid available to those in need. Food stamps are issued by the government. They are used in grocery stores to help children and adults buy nutritious food. Shelters offer housing and food to the homeless. These organizations may also help individuals detox or find jobs. Orphanages are considered by some to be food banks, too. Orphanages take in children without parents. They feed and clothe the children until suitable homes are found. Helping a shelter or food pantry is a rewarding experience. Following are ways you can spread relief to those in need.

  • Donate money. You could mail a check or take it straight to the charity. Keep in mind that most donations are tax deductible. People on food stamps may not have money for other things like clothes or shoes, so this would be a good cause to donate money to.
  • Donate items. Food banks function almost completely on donated goods. Some shelters or food pantries will partner with local organizations to collect goods. If there is not a collection box nearby, take your extra food straight to the shelter or soup kitchen.
  • Donate time. Volunteering is a rewarding experience. It gets you personally involved in aiding others. You cannot just walk into a homeless shelter or food pantry and get to work, though. You need to supply personal information to the organization so they know who you are.
  • Organize a fundraiser. Many people donate to food drives, but you could become actively involved by organizing your own. First, contact the shelter or soup kitchen you want to help. They can supply you with a list of items they especially need. You need to pass this information on to others and work to gather as many supplies as possible.

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