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Specialties Within Criminal Law Attorneys

Criminal law attorneys, more commonly known as public defenders, assist their clients with defense for both criminal and felony charges. These lawyers may be court appointed, or may work for hire independently. However, they specialize in cases in which the client is being prosecuted by a public prosecutor, rather than civil law cases. These may include anything from arrests for drug charges or drunk driving, to more serious crimes, like homicide or assault with a deadly weapon. However, while the criminal law attorney may be equipped to mount a defense for any of these cases, they often specialize even further by focusing on a certain type of crime.

  • DUI Lawyer - This is a criminal law attorney that specifically helps clients that have been arrested and charged with drunk driving. In these instances, the lawyer should be well versed with all of the regulations and precedences surrounding his or her client's case. Often, they can negotiate charges from felony to misdemeanor, and may be able to work with the prosecutor to help lessen the sentence for first-time offenders.
  • Civil Misdemeanor- This term refers to crimes that are less serious than felonies. Attorneys that represent clients that are being prosecuted for civil misdemeanor charges are generally representing an individual that has been accused of petty theft, traffic violation, or small time drug possession. These clients will usually face fines or minor jail sentences.
  • Felony - Defendants charged with a felony will have been accused of more serious crimes. Felony lawyers represent clients accused of murder, burglary, drug possession and dealing, and other serious crimes.

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