Ammunition Reloading Equipment in 85305 Zip Code
Ammunition Reloading Equipment Terminology
Many firearm hobbyists choose to reload their cartridges manually for several reasons. Firstly, it is believed to be less expensive for the regular shooter to assemble his or her own shot and cartridges than to purchase those that are factory assembled. Also, many believe that hand loaded cartridges are of a higher quality. If you are interested in ammunition reloading equipment, then the following terminology might be of interest to you:

Cartridge: A type of casing for small arms bullet or shot. A cartridge can also be a carrier for a charge for explosives.

Rifle: A firearm designed to be held from the shoulder that has a barrel that is grooved in such a way as to cause the projectile to spin, thereby creating greater accuracy and range.

Pistol: A small firearm that can be held in one hand. Pistols can be single shot, semi automatic or multi-barreled.

Shotgun: A type of high-powered firearm that is held from the shoulder. Unlike rifles, the shotgun is fixed with a non-spiraled barrel. Shotguns are designed to fire small pellets called shot, or a single solid type of bullet called a slug.

Scope: A telescopic sighting device that is outfitted on rifles in order to give the shooter accurate aim.

Reloading Dies: Devices that allow for the manual reloading of firearms via the assembly of the individual components in shotgun shells and cartridges. Reloading dies can be used with newly fabricated cartridges or factory assembled cartridges that have been previously fired.

Gunpowder: A chemical explosive powder consisting of saltpeter, sulfur and charcoal. Gunpowder is a firearm propellant, as well as a low explosive in fireworks.

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