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Types of Dentists

From social ease to culinary enjoyment, good dentistry can make a big difference in a person's life. Moreover, finding qualified and competent dentists is the duty of any parent in looking after his or her family. While generally qualified dentists represent the main aspect of this concern, which is both medical and cosmetic, specialists also play their part in dentistry. Some of the specific players in the overall field of dentistry are described below.

  • General Dentists - Certification of general dentists, as well as specialists, is legally required in order to ensure the success of their procedures and the safety of their patients. This recognition is given to dentists only after successful of the courses and exams at a dental school, which can only be entered by college graduates or, potentially, third-year college students in good standing.
  • Pediatric Dentistry - This area is reserved for family physicians, who are trained and certified specifically toward the particular issues encountered when treating children. Specialties within dental pediatrics can include the cosmetic concerns provided for by orthodontics. Orthodontists look toward maintaining the straightness of people's teeth.
  • Oral Surgeon - This area of dentistry health can provide for emergency situations, outside a regular schedule of dental check-ups and procedures, as well as long-lasting conditions. This field of medical assistance overlaps with the maxillofacial field, and generally applies to a medical emergency arising from some area of the face or the head. These types of physicians must go beyond the certification of a general dentist to a more specific area of surgical practice.

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