Landfills Sanitary in 85140 Zip Code
Types of Sanitary Landfills and Services

Sanitary landfills should aim to contain waste so that garbage and chemicals do not contaminate the surrounding environment. There are, however, a few different ways that landfill companies can choose to protect the environment. Learning more about the types of waste disposal containment options should help you choose a sanitary landfill that appeals to your interests.

  • Sanitary landfills with liners. Over time, garbage can degrade into chemicals that pose environmental hazards. It is important, therefore, for sanitary landfills to construct barriers that will prevent waste from entering the water or soil surrounding the facility. Many garbage dumps choose to install thick liners that prevent trash and chemicals from leaking into the surrounding environment. The liners improve the hydro-geological security of the site.
  • Sanitary landfills with natural containment features. Some garbage disposal facilities are located in areas that have high levels of hydro-geological security. As debris decomposes and breaks down into chemicals, a natural layer of rock or clay underneath the dump prevents those chemicals from harming the hygiene of surrounding areas. In some cases, companies might choose to add extra liners to the natural containment site to reduce health risks.
  • Recycling facilities are sometimes offered. Many sanitary landfills offer more than just waste containment services. Recycling can also play an important role in their trash management plans. If a company chooses to recycle certain materials, then it does not have to worry about those items causing further ecological problems. Instead, they recycle the items by selling the materials to other companies that want to make new products from them.

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