Homeowners Associations in 85041 Zip Code
How to live with a homeowner association

If you have ever gone a month or so without mowing the yard and come home to find a warning note in your mailbox, then you know how it is to live with a homeowner's association. In fact, most people who currently live in condos, town homes and suburban neighborhoods live in communities governed by a homeowner's association. They manage and maintain their community and if you want to get along with them, then you have to follow their rules. The following tips can help when dealing with homeowner associations and your property.

  • Read everything. Hopefully before you bought your home you read the CCR's (covenants, conditions and restrictions) and the By-Laws and regulations. If not, read them as soon as possible because you are expected to maintain your house and property based on them.
  • Remodeling? Make sure any proposed changes meet with HOA guidelines. Sometimes simple things like choosing paint can get a homeowner in trouble with a HOA that has guidelines governing the colors a house can be painted.
  • If you own a condo, make sure you are allowed to rent it out to another before doing so. Some condo HOAs limit the number of units that can be up for rent at one time.
  • Always pay your dues. Most homeowners do not realize that if they do not pay their dues and fees, the HOA is within their rights to foreclose on the home.
  • If you run into a legal dispute with the HOA, make sure you pay any outstanding bills, if possible. Often HOAs will penalize you severely for not making payments while awaiting litigation.

    Finally, remember that while dealing with HOAs can be irritating, they are there to keep up real estate values in your neighborhood and ensure the community gets the services it needs.

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    Are you a member of your homeowner's association? If so, make sure you're getting the most from your association by participating in meetings, voting on dues, and making sure your property is managed well.
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