Food Products Distributors in 85028 Zip Code
Types of Food Product Distributors

When you step into your local grocery store, you are probably overwhelmed by the vast array of food and beverage choices before you. A trip down the produce aisle is, in itself, a whirlwind of colorful choices. Fruits and vegetables, canned foods and bottled beverages come from distributors in large quantities. Read the following to find out how they make it to the store shelves, into our shopping basket, and eventually into our stomachs.

  • Food product distributors have arrangements with food suppliers, locally, statewide, nationwide and sometimes even globally. These distributors buy items in bulk at wholesale prices, store them, then ship them to your local store.
  • Meat distributors purchase meat from farms, local or corporate, package it, and then distribute it to food stores. Dairy distributors work with dairy farmers to purchase milk and other dairy items. These distributors must have refrigerated transport trucks to ship their goods to stores. Sometimes meat is frozen, and must be shipped in a freezer truck.
  • Beverage distributors work with beverage suppliers and purchase the pre-packaged canned or bottled beverages in bulk, then truck it to food stores. Same holds true of canned-good distributors.

    Many distributors import specialty products from wholesale distributors across the globe. That's how our food stores are able to offer beer, chocolate, or beef from other countries. Many of these items that suppliers import will sometimes end up in holiday gift baskets. Food does make a wonderful gift, though, especially if it is an item with attractive packaging that can be displayed, or if it is a food that is hard to find in local, domestic supermarkets.

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