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Types of Tanning Salon Products and Services

Indoor tanning can give a person the bronzed appearance they desire. Depending on your skin tone and the type of tan you want, there are many options available at a tanning salon. The following are a few types of products and services offered at tanning salons.

  • Tanning Lotion – A type of lotion used to improve the quality of an indoor tan. One type of lotion is an accelerator, which causes the skin to tan faster. Another type is a bronzer, which encourages tanning and bronzes the skin, possibly giving it a shimmer or glitter. There are also lotions for specific parts of the body, like the legs and face, or for after tanning moisture.
  • Tanning Bed – A bed or booth with lights that give off UV rays that tan the skin. At a tanning salon there are many types of beds with different features like face tanners, music players, air conditioning, and aromatherapy.
  • Self-Tanner – Self-tanner is a type of sunless tanning lotion that is applied at home. A good self-tanner will leave the wearer with a streak free, tanned look. Self-tanners can be purchased at tanning salons or beauty supplies stores.
  • Spray Tanning Machine – A spray tanning machine automatically applies a mist of sunless tanner to your body, to give you a tanned look without exposure to UV rays. Light, medium, and dark spray tanning solutions can be used depending on your skin tone.
  • Custom Sunless Tan – A type of sunless tan that is manually applied by a professional using an airbrush. Sunless tanning solution is custom airbrushed onto the skin to give the appearance of a very natural tan.

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