Colonic Irrigation in 80524 Zip Code
How Colonic Irrigation works.

A colonic irrigation is a way to cleanse your colon. You may have questions about how this procedure works and if it is something you are interested in. Below are listed several facts about colon cleansing and the colonic irrigation procedure.

  • Colonic irrigation is not the same thing as an enema. While both hydro therapy procedures are similar, an enema involves using less fluid. A colonic irrigation procedure uses gallons of water, sometimes up to 20 at one time.
  • Colonic cleansing and irrigation is done using hydro therapy. During the procedure, a tube is inserted in the bowel. Water will flush through this tube and into your intestines to cleanse them. Because of the large amount of water used, some patients report feeling discomfort during this procedure.
  • Waste from the procedure is flushed back out through a machine.
  • Sometimes other ingredients are mixed into the water being used, like herbs, vinegar and coffee grinds. These are supposed to help to clean and detoxify the bowels.
  • These procedures are almost never done by doctors, but usually by hydrotherapists or workers at a spa. Therefore, they do not have to have licenses. Always make sure before undergoing a procedure that the tools have the sanitized properly.
  • Often, patients are recommended to go on a diet before attempting to clean their colon. This often means refraining from meats and breads, while indulging in fruits and vegetables. Some more extreme forms of colonic cleansing involve fasting during repeated procedures.
  • If you plan on making one appointment, know that colonic irrigation is a process. This means you will have to have repeated procedures for it to be effective.

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