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Types of Siding Materials

If you own a residential home or commercial business, then it likely has some type of siding material on the exterior. After all, most structures have PVC slats, brick siding, cedar boards or some type of metal material on the exterior to help protect the building from weather. As you may know, siding and roofing materials can range from vinyl, to aluminum, to stucco. Different materials provide different benefits and vary in price. Below you will find a few different types of siding used on homes, businesses, and other structures.

  • Fiber Cement Siding – This is a material that is made from cement and layers of fiber. It is heavy, but low in price compared to others. This type is also fire retardant, but can hold moisture from rain and humidity if not painted regularly.
  • Cedar Shingles or Planks – Although this type of roofing and siding material is more expensive than others, if offers a natural beauty. It is often tacked onto homes, and requires regular staining in order to stay maintained.
  • Composite Siding – This is a very inexpensive option for home exteriors. It is essentially manufactured wood, and comes in various colors. Although it is cheap, it often rots easily and acquires mold. This is because composite materials are made from wood wafers, sawdust, and wood chips.
  • Rock Siding – A visually stunning type of home exterior that is basically low maintenance, and lasts for many years. However, this is certainly much more expensive than common PVC, metal, or vinyl siding materials. Also, rock siding takes longer to install, and does require a special type of cleaning.

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