Wrecker Service in 79066 Zip Code
Frequently Asked Questions About Wrecker Services
Wrecker services provide vehicle towing and recovery services, and often provide tire changes, jump starts and lockout services. If you are curious as to how wrecker services operate, then these answers to a few frequently asked questions might be helpful:

Can a wrecker service tow an all wheel drive vehicle?
A reputable wrecker service will be familiar with the proper towing procedures of all wheel drive vehicles. Four wheel drive vehicles must be towed with all wheels off of the ground, and this is achieved using either a flatbed truck, or a standard tow truck equipped with a dolly system. Make certain you tell the dispatcher exactly what sort of vehicle you need towed, and the service will send out a tow truck with the proper equipment, or assist you in finding a service that is able to help you.

If I have insurance, do I have to pay?
Most wrecker services will bill your insurance company if your insurance has provisions for towing, although many providers will require you to submit the final bill to them directly after you have paid it. However, most comprehensive automobile insurers will work directly with the towing company.

How do I get back an impounded vehicle?
You will have to visit the wrecker service office and present them with valid identification and possibly vehicle registration. If you have just purchased your vehicle and do not yet have registration, then a notarized bill of sale will be adequate. If you are retrieving an impounded vehicle for a friend or family member, then you will have to present written, notarized authorization along with a copy of the owner's photo identification.

Can I have a vehicle that is on my property towed?
If an unauthorized vehicle is improperly parked on your residential property (blocking your driveway or on your lawn), a wrecker service will impound it for you at the cost of the vehicle owner. However, if the vehicle is junk, you will be required to pay for the removal. You will have to fill out and submit an authorization form before the service takes charge of the vehicle.

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