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Specialties Within Sod Farms & Sales - Different Types of Sod

In order to improve your backyard or piece of land, sometimes sod installation is necessary. Luckily there are sod farms that specialize in the sale of fresh cut strips or sections of grass with topsoil attached to hold the roots together. This way the turf can be added to a piece of land to create a beautiful, lush lawn. As you may know, sod farms grow various types of grass and sell it at wholesale prices to distributors and nurseries. Below you will find a few different types of sod grass.

  • Bermuda – This is the most popular type of turf for lawns and backyards. It is deep green in color and is able to handle a lot of heavy foot traffic well. However, it does not grow well in shaded areas, and requires a lot of sunlight.
  • Centipede Grass – This type of turf is wonderful for low maintenance upkeep. It does not require frequent mowing or trimming, and is very tolerant of shade.
  • Zoysia Sod – This species of grass is quite lush and vibrant. It is well known as an upper-end lawn grass, and grows very densely. It is commonly used in small yards, and requires ample sunlight to remain healthy.
  • St. Augustine Turf – This may be the least popular type of sod for lawns. One variety is one of the hardiest variet of grass that is available. It is fairly tolerant of shade, and grows well in direct sunlight.
  • Bahia – Often referred to as a warm-season grass, this species is resistant to drought. It is also unaffected by insect attacks and disease. Bahia can survive in various types of soil or clay.

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