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Types of Farms

For many living in urban and industrialized areas, they may not realize our essential need for the farming and agricultural industry. We need farmers to provide us with the food we eat. We also rely on farms for other things like Christmas trees and livestock.

  • Farms are vast fields of agriculture set on acres of land that will have rows of crops, like vegetables, tomato plants or apple trees. In addition to produce farming, many farmers will also specialize in raising livestock. Livestock farms will often feature pens that house pigs, poultry like chicken and other animals. A farm may also have horse stables or large fenced fields of dairy cows.
  • Other types of farms, like fish, shrimp and oyster hatcheries reside in the water. Fish farms, of course, are located in plots of water in an ocean, bay, lake or river. A farm is more than meets the eye. They provide goods for sale usually, but the goods are very diverse.
  • Farming can be done on a large corporate scale or on a smaller, scale often distributing goods only locally. Chicken, dairy, vegetable, and beef farms are often corporate farms that supply the foods we eat on a daily basis. Smaller farm businesses, or city co-ops, often will specialize in one type of fruit or vegetable. Organic farming means that no chemicals have been used. All natural fertilizers and environmentally-friendly chemicals are used on an organic farm. Organic farmers often offer their goods for sale at farmer's markets and will be certified as organic.

    Regardless of the end product or type of farm, all use machinery to work the land. Farm machinery includes harvesters, compost systems, and trucks. Other agriculture equipment includes tractors, irrigation and filtration systems, as well as fertilizing equipment. These tools, and many more, are crucial to successful farming techniques.

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    Cypress, TX 77429
    21110 Bauer Hockley Rd
    Tomball, TX 77377
    19930 Hegar Rd
    Hockley, TX 77447
    33402 Highway 290
    Hockley, TX 77447
    13201 Northwest Fwy
    Houston, TX 77040
    3815 N Fry Rd Ste 300
    Katy, TX 77449
    20003 Sapphire Cir
    Magnolia, TX 77355
    32705 Old Hempstead Rd
    Magnolia, TX 77355
    5502 1st St
    Katy, TX 77493
    24523 Gosling Rd
    Spring, TX 77389
    14602 Lillja Rd
    Houston, TX 77060
    Houston, TX 77092
    28615 Ascot Farms Rd
    Magnolia, TX 77354
    611 Virgie Community Rd
    Magnolia, TX 77354
    8918 Cardwell Ln
    Houston, TX 77055
    20 Ranch Creek Way
    Magnolia, TX 77354
    28750 Fm 2920 Rd
    Waller, TX 77484
    109 N Post Oak Ln Ste 425
    Houston, TX 77024
    1422 Yale St
    Houston, TX 77008
    Conroe, TX 77384
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