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How to Play Craps in a Casino

Casinos are often located in hotels and provide gamblers with many amenities. Most hotel casinos offer dining, shopping, and shows to keep every gambler happy. You can test your luck on equipment, like slot machines, that generate random wins. Games like poker and blackjack are available on machines or at tables. Some games, like poker and craps, require knowledge of the game to play and place bets correctly. Craps is a dice game requiring no other special equipment. There are many bets that can be made while playing craps. Following are instructions on two bets that will get you started.

  • Place your bet. The bet you place on a roller’s first toss is called a passline bet.
  • Examine the first toss. Two dice are tossed and the dots showing are added together. If the first toss is a seven or an eleven, betters automatically win. A two, three, or twelve is an automatic loss. If any other number is rolled, that number becomes the point.
  • Place an odds bet. If the first toss is not an automatic win or loss, an odds bet can be placed. Odds bets pay out according to the likelihood of the roller tossing the point again. The payout is based solely on mathematical odds. The odds bet is a separate bet from the passline bet, and it can usually be up to twice as much as the passline bet.
  • Examine additional tosses. If the first toss is not an automatic win or loss, additional tosses are made. In order to win, the roller must roll the point again before a seven is rolled.
  • Collect or pay up. Collect or pay out money according to the outcome of the game.

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