Dog & Cat Grooming in 77055 Zip Code
Types of Dog and Cat Grooming Services

Cats and dogs require regular grooming to keep their hair and fur looking clean and well maintained! There are animal grooming services available to clip, brush and bath even the mangiest of mutts. Grooming is just another way to care for your pet and is just as important as exercise and feeding your animal. By keeping nails trimmed and hair groomed your pet will keep in top health. Cats and dogs come in all different sizes just like the different types of grooming services. Here are some different types of grooming services you can choose when visiting a groomer whether in-store or mobile.

  • Bathing and Washing – Both indoor and outdoor cats and dogs will require bathing to ensure that all dirt, bugs and any irritants are removed from your pet. Bathing a large animal often requires special equipment which all professional groomers have. The added benefit for owners is that for at least a couple days, or until your pet finds something stinky to roll in, they will smell like heaven.
  • Hair Cut – Just like humans, dogs, cats and other animal will require a clipping from time to time. A fur trim can reduce shedding, thin the hair and allow animals with thick coats to be more comfortable during warm weather.
  • Brushing – After all the trouble of a bath and hair cut your pet may want to do nothing more than hop right off the grooming table. However, most groomers offer brushing which is an additional way to remove excess hair and leave your animal as soft as cashmere.
  • Nail Trimming – Although many dogs and cars have trouble sitting still, nail trimming is necessary for healthy walking and care. Groomers have special equipment and techniques for trimming nails safely.

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