Fishing Lakes & Ponds in 77042 Zip Code
How To Find a Spot for Fishing in Ponds And Lakes

Good fishing holes can be hard to come by. To find the spot that's best for you, you'll want to decide what type of fishing you'll be doing, choose a lake or pond, and then find a specific place to set up. A bit of forethought and research can go a long way in finding an ideal spot for fishing.

  • The type of fishing that you'll be doing will go a long way to determining your destination. Fly fishing, for example, is best suited for trout and a handful of other species. Some areas only allow catch and release fishing, which is important if you want to bring your catch home. The type of fishing and restrictions are both important considerations in selecting where to go.
  • Once you've narrowed down what type of habitat you're looking for, and what restrictions you can or can't work with, you can select a lake or a pond. Public and private lands will have different sets of restrictions. Local fishing organizations can help you find the specific details of different bodies of water. You may find suitable spots for fishing on public lands, or at private resorts.
  • Fish are most easily found in places with structure and food sources. If you'll be fishing from a boat and have a topographical map of your pond, look for holes- the cooler water attracts fish in the summer- or sandbars. If you'll be fishing from the shore, find a spot with plant life, usually where the slope underwater is relatively gradual. This is especially important if fishing at a reservoir. The side of the reservoir which has been dammed will likely have few, if any fish.

    With some consideration and research, a good spot for trout, bass, and any other number of fish will be yours.

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