Appliance Repair in 77033 Zip Code
Specialties Within Appliance Repair Services - Appliance Types

Countless people rely on minor and major appliances every day to handle routine chores, cooking, and cleaning duties. This includes millions of residential homeowners, and commercial business owners as well. Therefore if a dishwasher, microwave oven, or refrigerator breaks down or fails to function properly, necessary repairs are mandatory. Fortunately appliance repair services have the right training, replacement parts, and know-how to assist with fixing stoves, washing machines, and trash compactors. However, there are different types of appliances that repair services may specialize in.

  • Outdoor Appliances – This includes gas grilling units, outdoor coolers for beverages, food smokers, and refrigeration bars, which are commonly used on residential home patios for entertaining.
  • Kitchen Appliances – Microwaves, refrigerators, large toaster ovens, and dishwashers are all kitchen appliances. These units often need replacement parts and general maintenance in order to function properly. Many repair services specialize in fixing these food oriented and dish-cleaning units.
  • Small Appliances – Typically these devices can be taken to a specialty repair service for new parts or maintenance. Some common small appliances are toaster ovens, blenders, coffee makers, hand-held mixers, and espresso machines.
  • Cleaning Appliances – Most businesses and residential homes have cleaning units and devices of some kind for routine chores and cleaning. This includes vacuum cleaners, carpet shampooing machines, hand-held dust collectors, and hard surface steam cleaners.
  • Commercial Appliances – Similar to some household major appliances, commercial units include large refrigerators, cook top ranges, electric food slicers, deep freezers, and dishwashers. These are commonly used in restaurants and lodging facilities like hotels and motels. Repair specialists typically service these appliances on site, due to their large size.

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