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Types of Floral Arrangements

When sending or ordering flowers through a florist, many of us just suggest a price range, and the florist arranges something special. However, if you know some basic types of flower arrangements and design, you can tailor your request for a bouquet. This information will be helpful for the next time you order flowers for delivery, especially when purchasing over the phone or online.

  • Wedding - Wedding flowers can come in a wide range of arrangements. There's the traditional bouquet for the bride, but also arrangements for the location of the wedding itself. This can include fans or sprays of flowers for the service or smaller bouquets for the reception. Any number of flowers from roses to daisies to exotic orchids can be integrated into wedding arrangements.
  • Funeral - When shopping for flowers for a funeral, your arrangement will depend on where you want the order delivered. If you send them to the funeral home, the flowers can be on a stand with ribbons or arranged in sprays for the casket. If you'd prefer to send them to the home of the deceased's family, a more traditional bouquet is appropriate.
  • Centerpiece - A centerpiece is a great floral arrangement to send or bring for a variety of occasions. For example, if attending a dinner party or holiday event, buying a centerpiece for the hostess' table is a generous gift. Centerpieces can be arranged in short vases, baskets, or holiday ceramics.
  • Bouquet - And finally, if you're shopping for something more traditional online, a bouquet is your go-to arrangement. Bouquets are perfect gifts for birthdays, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or any other holiday or event.

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    Priceless floral arrangements and wedding flowers are designed by our talented independent florists.  Our specialists design beautiful arrangements for your event using roses and tropical flowers.
    If you're looking for professional and affordable flower arrangements for your next wedding, event, or special occasion, we can help! Our local 77030 area flower experts create beautiful arrangements to your specifications.
    Providing beautiful floral arrangements for events of any size. Call our local 77030 area florists today to order a simple bouquet or ample centerpieces for your next big event.
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