Vietnamese Food in 77024 Zip Code
Vietnamese Cuisine Terminology
A cuisine that is at once bold and fresh, Vietnamese cuisine is exploding throughout the world, and is enjoyed as both a street food and as a form of high end cuisine. Vietnamese dishes are characterized by their lack of heavy oils, and by the liberal use of herbs such as lemongrass, mint, basil and cilantro. The following list of dishes have become popular in the U.S. in the last few years, and might help you to understand some of the nuances of the Vietnamese culinary tradition:

Pho: A rice noodle soup made from beef broth and either beef or chicken. It is typically flavored with lime, star anise, ginger, basil, mint leaves, fennel and clove. While beef and chicken are common ingredients, there are versions of Pho with tripe, chicken hearts, gizzards and meatballs.

Báhn Canh: A type of thick soup noodle made from rice flour and tapioca. Báhn cahn soups can contain many different ingredients such as crab, shrimp, fish balls, pork, sausages and coconut milk.

Báhn Bao: A type of dumpling originally brought to Vietnam from Canton. It might contain hard boiled egg, chicken, pork and mushrooms, but there are also vegetarian versions.

Báhn Bèo: A rice pancake served with chopped shrimp, bean paste, scallions, vinegar and fish sauce. The rice cakes are generally steamed.

Báhn Mì: A sandwich made from a thin crusted version of the French baguette. It might contain pork belly, sausage, paté, grilled chicken, cucumber slices, cilantro, tofu, pickled carrots, or head cheese. Although báhn mì technically only refers to the bread on which the sandwich is served, it has come to refer to the sandwich itself. Popular versions are vegetarian and breakfast options.

Hoisin Sauce: A condiment that originated in China, but was brought to Vietnam by the Cantonese. It contains fermented sweet potato, soy bean, vinegar, chili paste, salt, sugar and garlic. It is commonly added to Pho.

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