Utilities in 77014 Zip Code
How to Set up Utilities in Your Home

Government regulation of utilities isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Jimmy Carter created regulations in the 1970’s to encourage alternative energy technology such as cogenerators, which concurrently generate heat or steam energy, and power producers that utilize solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass power. Even though regulation can be for the public good, it also creates monopolies. Some states have decided to deregulate certain utilities, such as natural gas and electric.

  • Deregulation has increased the number of suppliers available to the public in terms of gas, electric and other utility services. However, services such as water, sewage and sanitation often still operate as natural monopolies.
  • When setting up these services, make a checklist of everything you will need. Essentials include gas, electric, water, sewer and trash. Phone, internet, and cable or satellite television are non-essential utilities that you may nonetheless feel that you need.
  • Compare rates and ask each company you talk to whether you will need to agree to a leasing period, such as twelve months. Also ask targeted questions about installation costs and billing practices. Some companies, for example, charge a fee for you to pay your bill over the phone. Check third-party consumer sites for customer service and billing ratings.
  • Expect each utility company to check your credit. If your credit score is low, you may have to pay a refundable deposit. Deposits can sometimes be paid over time.
  • You may wish to record providers' customer service telephone numbers, your account numbers, and due dates in a specified area, be it a spreadsheet or day planner. Doing so will help you to stay organized and streamline the bill-paying process.

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