Medical Equipment & Supplies in 76137 Zip Code
Types of Medical Equipment and Supplies

Certain surgical procedures or medical conditions will require special equipment for proper recovery and care. Once the hospital releases you, you will be responsible for locating your own supplies. The following are common health supplies and equipment often used in the medical field.

  • Bariatric Products – Bariatric products are medical equipment like chairs and beds that are manufactured to offer extra support for overweight individuals. Bariatric items also ease the physical requirements of a caregiver.
  • Daily Living Aids – Daily living aids assist an individual with everyday maneuvering and management. Items like raised toilet seats are easily purchased at a retail store, but hospital beds and other large equipment will need to be specially ordered from a medical supply company.
  • Diabetic Supplies – Diabetic supplies assist diabetic individuals in monitoring their blood glucose levels. There are many different monitors available for keeping track of blood glucose levels, and they are available at many stores.
  • Mobility Assistance – Mobility assistance equipment can range from walkers to motorized wheelchairs. Cheaper items like canes can be obtained through your physician or pharmacy.
  • Ostomy and Urology Supplies – Ostomy and urology supplies are products like catheters and bodily waste pouches. Some of this equipment is discarded but sometimes, perhaps because a surgical procedure would be required for replacement, it is cleaned and reused.
  • Respiratory Equipment and Supplies – Respiratory equipment and supplies assist with breathing. Breathing tubes, oxygen systems, and nebulizers are available from medical supply companies and most pharmacies.
  • Wound Care – Wound care supplies are designed to treat enduring wounds, like sores, or even sports injuries. Basic wound dressings and medicines are available through pharmacies and physicians. Specialty medical equipment like vacuum systems or special mattresses will need to be ordered from a health care supplier.

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