Eviction Service in 76065 Zip Code
Types of Eviction Services

Management companies may attempt to evict tenants from a rental property or apartment complex because of a dispute, refusal to pay rent or other unforeseeable problem. To begin the eviction process, landlords will need to give the tenant notice before taking any legal action. Landlords may decide to evict tenants with or without cause. Non-payment of rent or breaking a requirement on the lease may be reasons why a landlord will evict a tenant with cause. Without cause means that a landlord is simply terminating the lease. Anytime an eviction notice is served with cause, tenants are given a letter that notifies them they have at least 3 days to vacate the property, pay the rent or fix the problem. While some who receive an eviction notice act fast and pay the rent, others may not have that capability and are given a certain time period to find the means. If tenants refuse to vacate a property in a specified amount of time, the landlord may serve them with a lawsuit. It's important to remember that tenants have rights as well. If a landlord is too cheap to maintain appliances and fixtures, tenants can detain or withhold rent, terminate the lease or take legal action of their own.

  • Foreclosure - Eviction is different from a foreclosure. Foreclosure is when a bank or mortgage lender obtains a court order to remove a homeowner from his or her house.
  • Lease - A lease is a document or form that grants someone occupation of a property during a specified period of time where they will pay a fee and landlords will collect a specified amount of money.
  • Notice - A notice is a legal concept where a certain party is made aware that a legal action may be taken against them.

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