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Types of Replacement Windows

Windows in cars and houses will need to be replaced at some point. It is not unusual for windows to last for decades, but window replacements are becoming more common with better quality products being offered. The longer the windows are exposed to the outdoor elements the more common frame and glass damage will be. Cracks can appear in the frame, especially those made of wood, and allow water and air to seep into your home or car. If you windows need to be replaced, the following information on the types of windows available should be helpful.

  • Bay – A large window, flanked by two small windows. These usually do not open and are commonly placed in the main sitting room that looks out onto the street. They are called bay windows because they project outward and add additional space to the room, which is usually used for seating.
  • Sliding Glass Door – While this may technically be classified as a door, this can also be consider as a large window since is a simply two solid panes of glass, one of which can be open by sliding it over the top the other.
  • French Door – A type of patio door that is made up of small, evenly sized pieces of glass. They are popular to install because they shut out the nuisances of the outdoors, such as bugs, without obstructing the natural light and the view of the yard.
  • Double Hung – The most popular type, these are often installed in period homes. They are constructed of two sashes that can be moved up or down. While both halves of the window will open, only one can be at a time.

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