Donuts in 75668 Zip Code
Types of Donuts

Donuts, also spelled doughnuts, are fried or baked dough pastries that can be filled or covered with numerous jams, jellies, creams and sprinkled toppings. They are popular as breakfast snacks, and many people enjoy them with coffee or tea. Recipes and batters differ from chain to chain, and many people make their own hand made donuts with recipes that have been past down from previous generations. Donuts can be purchased at grocery stores, food stands, bakeries and individual specialty outlets. They tend to be sweet in flavor, and can be either dense and cake-like or very fluffy and light. Savory flavored donuts also exist, but are much less common in United States.

  • Donuts come in three forms, including ring-shaped, filled and in smaller holes. They can be made of straight batter or have chocolate or other flavorful extracts mixed in. The batter is then baked or fried. When the donuts come out of the oven they are treated either by being topped or filled. Popular donuts include sprinkles, glazed, powdered sugar, jelly, and cream. Many people like plain donuts to dip in their hot coffee or tea.
  • Donuts also come in the form of donut holes, which are named as such because they look like they're the part of the donut that's been punched out to form the donut's ring shape. They are little round balls of fried or baked dough that taste largely the same as a whole donut, just in a much smaller form. These donut holes can be glazed or covered in powdered sugar, and can also be filled with jelly or cream.

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    At our shop we offer the highest quality donuts and baked goods in the local 75668 area from classic fritters and glazed varieties to our own creations. Stop by for a coffee and donut to go!
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    Lone Star, TX 75668
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    Daingerfield, TX 75638
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    Pittsburg, TX 75686
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    Pittsburg, TX 75686
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    Diana, TX 75640
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    Gilmer, TX 75644
    1409 Us Highway 59 S
    Linden, TX 75563
    106 N Walcott St
    Jefferson, TX 75657
    524 E Loop 281
    Longview, TX 75605
    2601 Judson Rd
    Longview, TX 75605
    1603 S Jefferson Ave
    Mount Pleasant, TX 75455
    316 W Ferguson Rd
    Mount Pleasant, TX 75455
    201 E Us Highway 80
    White Oak, TX 75693
    894 Pine Tree Rd
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    Longview, TX 75604
    611 E Marshall Ave
    Longview, TX 75601
    102 S Central St
    Hallsville, TX 75650
    325 N Spur 63
    Longview, TX 75601
    1204 Alpine Rd
    Longview, TX 75601
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