Denture Repair Service in 75604 Zip Code
Type of Denture Repair Services

Even if clean your dentures daily and follow your dentist’s advice carefully, you will likely need periodic repair of your full or partial dentures. Here are some common problems.

  • Relining and rebasing of removable dentures – If your dentures cause you speaking issues or become loose over time, you may need to have both the upper and lower dentures relined or rebased, which involves replacing some or all of the pink plastic base. A soft reline is performed when the hard base causes excessive soreness. Dentists recommend having dentures relined or rebased routinely to avoid an emergency down the line.
  • Replacement due to cracked, chipped or displaced false teeth or broken bridges – If one of your false teeth cracks, chips or comes out, or your bridge breaks, you can use a short-term duplicate denture while you are having it repaired. Duplicate dentures are made at the same time as your primary prosthesis, and may be relined along with your regular dentures to keep them fitting correctly. You may attempt to fix the broken false tooth with a home repair kit, which includes dental adhesive and replacement teeth. Just don’t use glue that isn't specifically made for this purpose. You can send your partial or full dentures to a lab yourself for a discount.
  • Denture adjustment – You may need to have an adjustment shortly after getting your new removable dentures if they click, cause soreness or give you cosmetic problems such as wrinkles around your mouth. This repair will sometimes be included in the price of the dentures.
  • Implant replacement – In some rare cases, dental implants fail to bond to the teeth they are supporting. This can happen due to an infection, smoking, low bone mass of the tooth, and other problems. Your dentist will need to perform a replacement.

  • From regular check-ups to full replacements, schedule an appointment with our local 75604 area denture repair service specialists. We make sure you're taken care of with denture repair services.
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