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Types of Used Car Dealerships

When you decide to buy an automobile, the first step is finding a dealership. Depending on the type of vehicle and the sale price you are willing to pay, there are a few types of dealerships to consider. Understand the differences between the dealerships before you decide to buy a vehicle.

  • Chain Dealerships - This type of used car dealership is your best choice to find a quality vehicle without taking a risk. Since the dealership is part of a larger corporation, they are held to standards that are stricter than independent car lots. They are more likely to have a range of certified pre-owned vehicles for you to choose from. This type of lot may be less likely to offer a deal off of the sale price.
  • Independent Dealerships - Independent car lots are locally owned. They generally will have an inventory of vehicles that are also locally owned. Since there isn't a large corporation that they have to report to, you face an additional risk on the quality of the automobile. This is your best opportunity to find a cheaper vehicle. Whether you decide to look for a van, truck or luxury vehicle may determine where you would like to shop.
  • Franchised Dealerships - A franchised used car dealer incorporates the best aspects of independent and chain dealers. You will receive a warranty that is on par with the chain lots. This is because the dealer abides by the rules of the franchise. You also may have the option to negotiate price since the dealership is locally owned.

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    601 Fm 981
    Blue Ridge, TX 75424
    13603 Us Highway 75
    Van Alstyne, TX 75495
    403 N Powell Pkwy
    Anna, TX 75409
    138 Jim Jones Rd
    Van Alstyne, TX 75495
    1305 N State Highway 121
    Bonham, TX 75418
    704 E Sam Rayburn Dr
    Bonham, TX 75418
    2015 N Center St
    Bonham, TX 75418
    1501 N Center St
    Bonham, TX 75418
    200 S State Highway 121
    Bonham, TX 75418
    1522 West Sam Rayburn
    Bonham, TX 75418
    1345 S State Highway 78
    Bonham, TX 75418
    617 W Sam Rayburn Dr
    Bonham, TX 75418
    717 E Sam Rayburn Dr
    Bonham, TX 75418
    204 County Road 4225
    Bonham, TX 75418
    1514 N Center St
    Bonham, TX 75418
    220 Chestnut St
    Bonham, TX 75418
    101 E 3rd St
    Bonham, TX 75418
    1527 W Sam Rayburn Dr
    Bonham, TX 75418
    207 E Audie Murphy Pkwy
    Farmersville, TX 75442
    5274 N Mcdonald St
    Melissa, TX 75454
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