Bearings in 75028 Zip Code
Types of Bearings

Bearings are very useful devices that facilitate the motion of two or more connected movable parts. Many people are familiar with ball bearings, which are used in roller-skate wheels, but there are many other types. You use bearings whenever you open a file cabinet and whenever you turn the front wheels of your car. Below we'll define the six basic types of bearings.

  • Plain bearing - The simplest type, these allow the movement of one or more parts through a sliding motion. Plain bearings often require a fluid lubricant to reduce friction and wear. They are commonly used in file cabinets and drawers, and in this capacity they are classified as linear bearings. Thrust bearings, another example of this type, involve a shaft connected to an axle. Often found in cars, they are used in stick-shifts and also allow control of the front wheels.
  • Rolling-element bearing - These use rolling objects, such as balls and cylinders, to allow movement of one or more parts. They are commonly associated with the wheels of roller skates, yet they can also be used to facilitate linear sliding movements.
  • Jewel bearing - These involve the rotation of small shafts or spindles. They are used in electronic equipment intended for precise measurements, especially watches.
  • Fluid bearing - These use liquid or gas, often in conjunction with pads, between two or more parts to facilitate movement. The liquid or gas reduces friction, so the relevant parts seldom need to be replaced. One example of this type is the tilting-pad thrust bearing, used in high-speed equipment.
  • Flexure bearing - A type that bends to allow parts to move. A hinge is a type of flexure bearing.
  • Magnetic bearing - A type that uses magnetic force to keep moving surfaces from making contact.

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