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How to Purchase the Right Portable Building

Portable buildings offer a way of adding extra space to a home or business. Some people purchase strong metal units, such as sheds and barns, that act as long-term storage areas. Others may simply need a mobile room that can serve as a temporary meeting area. In any case, there are some considerations to keep in mind when buying a portable building.

  • Determine what kind of structure you need. There are a vast array of portable buildings available for many different purposes. Many businesses rent or purchase mobile office buildings for short-term projects. Others will need a metal shed, barn, or garage that can last for years.
  • Research building permit requirements in your locale. Your local government may place restrictions on the types of buildings that can be put next to your home.
  • Arrange to have the building constructed to your specifications. Though it's possible that the business will already have a prefab unit that you can lease, you will probably have to wait one to four weeks while they put one together for you. Remember that portable buildings are generally not assembled at the site where they will be used.
  • Prepare the area where the building will sit. Portable buildings do not need foundations, but you need to clear the area where it will be used, as the contractor generally will not do this for you. If you have doubts about the suitability of the land, it is possible to get the contractor to inspect the site before you buy a high-quality shed or barn that you may not be able to use.
  • Determine how much upkeep the building will need. You should be aware of the guarantees provided by your warranty. Some authorities advise applying a stain to the building every few years.

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