Office Supplies in 70128 Zip Code
Tips for Purchasing Office Supplies
Here are some tips to help you find a supplier and shop for office supplies:

Tip #1: Become a Regular Customer
Office supply companies often have rewards programs for loyal customers. If you purchase frequently from one supplier, you may be eligible for discounts or coupons. Set up an account with your supplier to make regular orders conveniently from your office. Businesses that have an account with a supplier can order online or over the phone and get products delivered to their door.

Tip #2: Look for Bulk Discounts
If you use a lot of copy paper or stationery, consider ordering in larger quantities to save money. Many companies offer bulk discounts on commonly used supplies. Also, some suppliers provide free shipping on orders over a set dollar amount, so bundle orders to save. For companies with multiple locations, using one supplier for chairs, desks and other furniture can qualify you for special savings as well.

Tip #3: Consider Different Furniture Options
If you order bookcases, filing cabinets and desks regularly it’s a good idea to establish an account with an office furniture supplier. For one time orders, shop around to compare prices. Think about the cost involved in picking up products versus having them delivered. Also, consider the affordable used desks and chairs sold by office suppliers.

Tip #4: Think About Emergency Pick Up
Using a supplier with a local retail location, is useful for businesses that sometimes need supplies in a hurry. If you run out of stationery, ink or envelopes you can go to your supplier’s store, pick up items and charge them to your account.

Tip #5: Shop Eco-Friendly
Eco-friendly office supplies like recycled paper and ink cartridges reduce your environmental impact and are very affordable. Check out the eco-friendly options available from different suppliers.

When you need to restock your company's supplies, be sure to shop with us. We have a great inventory of furniture and supplies including paper, pens, furniture, envelopes, and other office essentials.
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New Orleans, LA 70126
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New Orleans, LA 70122
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Metairie, LA 70005
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Metairie, LA 70005
2609 Ridgelake Dr
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Chalmette, LA 70043
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Metairie, LA 70002
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New Orleans, LA 70130
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New Orleans, LA 70130
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Metairie, LA 70006
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