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Tips for Eating in Fast Food Restaurants
Burgers, fries, tacos, burritos, fried chicken and pizza are classic fast food fare. However, many fast food restaurant franchises are incorporating healthier menu options such as salads, steamed vegetables, skinless chicken breasts and whole grain bread for sandwiches. These tasty options are certainly better for our waistlines, but sometimes we can't resist the mouth feel of a juicy cheeseburger. Keeping these tips in mind might help you enjoy your fast food treat without entirely compromising your diet:

Tip #1: Order condiments and sauces on the side.
Fast food restaurants can slather on the heavy sauces. Ordering them on the side or without dressings allows you to control how much to use, and can spare you unnecessary fat and calories.

Tip #2: Get yourself an order of veggies.
Every once in a while we can't help but crave a good, juicy burger and a crispy order of fries. If you can't resist splurging, then instead of ordering an entire decadent meal, order a small burger and a side salad with no dressing. Loading up on vegetables will fill you up and displace some of the calories in that sinful cheeseburger.

Tip #3: Thirsty? Order a water.
Sodas are chock-full of empty calories; even diet sodas have loads of caffeine and can actually dehydrate you. Drinking a water is by far the healthier alternative, and doesn't contain the sugar that can make you feel hungrier.

Tip #4: Eat fast food early in the day.
There is an expression: "Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a peasant." If you crave a fast food meal, have it for breakfast or and early lunch rather than dinner. Eating high fat and calorie foods near bedtime contribute to weight gain.

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