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Types of Honey

Honey is a popular food used in cooking, baking, and as a sweetener. Most honey is harvested by beekeepers at farms where there are many hives producing honey products. There are several varieties of honey products, each processed differently, that are commercially available. The following are a few common types of honey you might find at your local grocery store.

  • Comb Honey – A style of honey that is sold with the honey still in the wax comb used for storage by the bees. Comb honey is sold in chunks or in disks, which are harvested from the hives on a bee farm.
  • Raw Honey – Honey that is sold as it is found in the beehive after extraction from the honeycomb. Raw or organic honey is not processed. It comes unheated, unpasteurized, and pure from the supplier. Organic raw honey may contain particles of pollen, wax from the hive, and crystallized bits of honey.
  • Whipped Honey – Also called cream honey or granulated honey, whipped honey has been processed to control the level of crystallization. Small crystals are formed that give the product a thicker, more spreadable consistency than liquid honey.
  • Liquid Honey – Probably the most commonly used variety of honey. Liquid honey is usually filtered and pasteurized after extraction from at a farm. Filtering removes pollen and particles of wax. Pasteurization keeps the honey from fermenting and melts down any crystallized bits of honey, delaying further crystallization. Liquid honey is used in cooking and baking and as a condiment to flavor foods.

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