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How to Ensure You'll Have a Smooth Ride in a Taxi or Airport Shuttle

Transportation to and from the airport can become a large headache when traveling. Between traffic, finding a parking space, and then paying for that parking space, you can wind up spending a lot of time and money. One way around that little nightmare is taking a taxi cab or airport shuttle to and from the airport. This may sound intimidating and expensive, but with a little advance preparation, it can be a great deal. Here's some advice on having a smooth taxi cab or shuttle ride to the airport.

  • Start off by doing your homework and finding out which vehicle service offers the best fares. The vehicle that offers the best deal for solo travelers may not be the cheapest transportation for a large group. So call around and compare prices.
  • Mention any special requests you might have before the driver arrives. If you're in a wheelchair or require special assistance, the driver should know about it in advance. And be certain to tip him or her if they provide an extra service like bringing a child seat.
  • Find out the approximate price for your airport fare in advance. Knowing how much you're expected to pay, including things like gate fees, in advance is very empowering. Be sure to let the driver know what you expect to pay before he flips the meter.
  • Find out how many stops the shuttle driver is going to make before getting to your gate or hotel. When you share an airport shuttle with other passengers, you may wind up making a number of stops before getting to your destination. Sometimes a more expensive form of transportation is worthwhile if it saves time.

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