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Types of Milk

If you're over the age of forty, you can probably remember a time when milk came in only a couple of styles. There was whole milk and skim milk which is sometimes called fat free, too. A few times a year you may have had chocolate milk as a special treat, but that didn't happen very often. If you lived in a part of the country that embraced organic foods, you may have been exposed to soy milk or goat's milk, but those products were certainly not carried in mainstream grocery stores. Flash forward to today and the milk aisle is crammed with dozens of products that range from lactose free cow milk to soy milk and chocolate soy milk! Here's a list of some types of milk you'll find in the dairy aisle these days.

  • Evaporated Milk - Evaporated milk is sometimes confused with condensed milk, but the two are quite different. Evaporated milk is a powdery substance that's added to water to create milk. Condensed milk is a liquid that usually contains added sweeteners.
  • Raw Milk - This completely unprocessed cow milk is growing in popularity, but isn't legal in every state. Raw milk has all the benefits of regular milk with none of the additives. Many raw fans say it taste how milk tasted before processing was common.
  • Rice Milk - Rice milk is usually made from brown rice and has the benefit of being naturally sweet. Because it's not made with dairy products, its lactose free.
  • Soy Milk - Made from crushed soy beans, this type of milk is prized for its low calorie count and high nutritional value.

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