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How to Sell Your Items to an Antique Dealer

Do you have a lot of items hanging around that may be valuable? Antiques can be worth a lot of money to the right person. The following is a guide to selling your antiques to a dealer.

  • Perform an inventory of your collectibles. When creating this list, be as detailed as possible. Jot down more than “vintage glass” or “old table”. Every characteristic counts, no matter what you are examining – art, jewelry, furniture, or toys. Mention the color, estimated age, and condition. Cite unusual characteristics, which may raise the value. Also, if you know the background of the item, it can also increase its worth, especially with historically significant items.
  • Find an appraisal service. Getting your items, like clocks and lamps, appraised is essential to getting a fair price from buyers. Many dealers try to cheat owners who don’t know what their items are worth. When the appraiser comes to your house, be sure to mention you are not selling any items at this time. This will keep them from low-balling you on items they want for themselves. This step will help you get top dollar for your furniture and other collectibles.
  • Clean and display items in an attractive way. It is hard to see the value a table that is covered in dust. Before asking anyone to come look at your items, wash the glassware, polish the silver, and set them up so they are easy to reach.
  • Make appointments with dealers. If someone makes you an offer that seems fair, agree immediately. Many people hold out for the best price possible, and by the time they realize no other offers are coming, the first shop is no longer interested. Decide beforehand what is the lowest you will accept on each item.

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    Find rare antiques like china, glassware, furniture, and more at our local 62040 area antique dealers. We buy and sell the best quality antiques so you can always find something special.
    For all of your antique needs, our licensed antique dealers specialize in providing you with collectibles and rare valuables at shops nationwide. We also offer a certified appraisal artists on-site.
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