Rifle & Pistol Ranges in 61554 Zip Code
Types of Rifle and Pistol Ranges

Men and women purchase rifles and pistols for any number of reasons. Of course, some buy pistols for home protection against criminals. Others by rifles to hunt. Regardless of what type of gun it is, to become adept at shooting it, one need to practice.

Obviously you can't just take your rifle into the backyard and practice target shooting. You must visit a rifle or pistol range. There are many types of these ranges from which to choose.

  • Some ranges are set up as shooting clubs. You purchase a membership, agree to the rules, and then visit regularly to practice or partake in marksman competition. For many, shooting is their sport of choice. A day of shooting clay pigeons is an ideal recreation pursuit.
  • Other ranges are open to the public. Again, users must agree to rules such as wearing shooting glasses at all times. Many avid hunters visit these ranges in the off season to hone their rifle skills so they are more accurate when hunting season comes around.
  • Some ranges cater to archery shooters. Archers use an arrow instead of a bullet as ammunition and they use a bow instead of a rifle as their weapon. Archery is a sport that requires more skill than shooting a rifle or pistol. That is why archery ranges that allow hunters to hone their bow and arrow skills are popular.
  • Some ranges are indoor, and others are outdoor. Many have expert marksmen on staff to give firing lessons. Regardless of the weapon of choice or reason for having it, practice makes perfect with a rifle, pistol, or bow and arrow.

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