Paper Shredding in 60426 Zip Code
Types of Shredding Machines

Paper shredding might seem rather straight forward, but there are actually different types of shredding machines, some more secure than others. Whether you're considering hiring a company to destroy your confidential documents or are planning to purchase a machine for your home office or small business, the following types of shredding machines are available to you:

  • Strip Cut Shredders - This is the most basic of shredding machines. Your document is essentially cut into 1/4 inch vertical strips. Because the machinery in the shredder is less complex, this will be one of the least expensive models. It also tends to accept a greater number of sheets at once. Because the strips are relatively large, however, the waste bag is prone to fill much more rapidly than with other models.
  • Cross Cut Shredders - In a cross cut shredder, the cutting blades allow for dual action shredding and produces small, rectangular pieces of paper. Because the equipment is more complex, however, you generally must shred one piece of paper at a time.
  • Micro Cut Shredders - The final product of a document processed through a micro cut shredder is similar to an extremely small piece of confetti. In fact, a single standard-sized piece of paper is turned into over 6,000 scraps. This machine offers the highest level of security for your personal or professional business needs.
  • CD and Hard Drive Shredders - These models will be much more expensive because they are best purchased in commercial quality. Such an expense may be critical in keeping your information secure. CD and hard drive shredders can destroy documents on your desk top and compact disks in addition to confidential sheets of discarded paper.

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