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How to Choose Video Conferencing
--Benefits of Video Conferencing-- Meetings are an important part of the business world. With increasing frequency, business people are asked to be involved in teams where the members are from different geographic locations. While face-to-face interaction is the traditional standard on which most businesses base their communication, face to face meetings can be an inefficient and costly way to conduct business, particularly when participants must travel a great distance. Over the past few years, travel-related costs (lodging, airfare, meals), have increased, while travel budgets have often remained static or decreased. The alternative meeting format called video conferencing may be a solution. While saving money is a big advantage of video conferencing, there are several other advantages: people (including outside guest speakers) who wouldn't normally attend a distant meeting can participate. Socializing is usually minimized compared to a face-to-face meeting; therefore, meetings are shorter and more oriented to the primary purpose of the meeting. --Applications of Video Conferencing-- Sales presentations are an example of a profitable and easily justified business use of video conferencing. When conducting the sales presentation at the customer's location, a sales representative with video conferencing equipment on a laptop computer can connect the customer with specialists back at the company's offices to answer specific questions about the product being demonstrated. This allows for greater specialization, with the salesperson focusing on closing the sale and the specialists focusing on the technical aspects of the product. The salesperson is able to view the customer's body language and ask the specialist for clarification on customer objections or questions. The customer feels a sense of security by being able to see the individual instead of merely hearing a voice. Another business application of videoconferencing is the ability to train people without actually traveling to another location. Companies can provide more frequent training to their employees in distant locations for less cost. --Video conferencing is a powerful business tool with many benefits. Let help you find video conferencing equipment or services to handle your long-distance meetings.

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