Truck Equipment & Parts Retail in 59901 Zip Code
Common Truck Equipment Terminology
Truck equipment and parts are available from many retailers, who frequently carry both new and used items. New items have been delivered to the distributor straight from the factory, while used parts have been rebuilt or refurbished so that they function more or less as they did when they were first manufactured. Commercial auto parts and equipment is very necessary for industrial trucking systems that are used for merchandise transportation, trash removal and recycling, due to the fact that such trucks are in constant operation, and are more likely to have parts that fail due to extensive wear. The following list of terms are frequently used within this industry:

Shore Power: An external electrical power supply for trucks. With the consistent feed of energy from shore power, a truck doesn't need to remain in idle while parked, and some systems also provide climate control inside the cab, as well as television and internet access.

Auxiliary Transmission: A type of limited gear transmission that is situated behind the main transmission. The additional transmission can increase the gear ratio when used in combination with the main transmission.

Bulkhead: A barrier placed at the rear of the tractor or at the front of the flatbed in order to shield the driver from shifting cargo in the event of a collision.

Fifth Wheel: A load bearing wheel that supports the front of the semi-trailer and secures the trailer to the towing truck.

Timber: A type of trailer used to hold logs in place during transportation. A timber can be either a long wood trailer or a short wood trailer.

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