Topsoil in 59901 Zip Code
How to Improve Your Garden's Topsoil

Does the grass and mulch on your property hide infertile topsoil? This makes it hard to lay down turf or grow grass seed. Before you decide to go the artificial route and cover your land with turf, you should know there is another option. Below is a how to guide for improving your yard's topsoil. Forget buying a few bags from your local gardening store, enhancing your own topsoil is cheaper and improves its fertility. For this process, you will need a shovel, garden rake, soil sifter, sand, silt, high clay soil, and compost or manure. If your yard features hard clay is severely packed, you may have difficulty removing the topsoil. In such situation, the use of a rototiller is recommended to loosen the dirt before the sifting process.

  • To begin the process of improving your garden’s topsoil, remove the first eight to twelve inches of soil from the area you are planning to cultivate. Place the dirt in a pile on the ground or in a wheelbarrow.
  • Next, sift through the soil and remove all the rocks and large clumps.
  • After sifting, examine the topsoil from your yard carefully. The perfect mixture is equal parts sand, silt, and clay. Add in these three components with the help of a shovel or garden rake until you achieve the optimum measurements.
  • Now analyzed the organic content of the soil. Unless you are planting artificial vegetables or flowers, you need between 20 and 30 percent organic matter. To increase the amount in your dirt, blend in compost or manure.
  • Before using the mixture on lawn, garden, or flowerbeds, it is essential to combine the components thoroughly. Once you have done this, add it back to the place you removed the original dirt from. Continue with your normal routine of mulch and compost after planting.

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