Rubbish & Garbage Removal in 59901 Zip Code
Types of Rubbish & Garbage Removal Companies

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that in 2009, each person in the U.S. was responsible for the disposal of 4.3 pound of municipal solid waste every day. The good news is that green solutions are now being widely innovated to cut down on our nation's trash problem. These are the different kinds of garbage removal companies.

  • Junk Removal and Recycling – These companies will haul refuse after house foreclosures, going-out-of-business cleanouts and construction jobs. They will offer pickup of household items such as appliances and electronics, and items considered rubbish like leftover bulk roofing material and your yard’s grass clippings. Junk removal companies usually charge by weight and also tack on the fees they receive from the dump.
  • Sanitation Services – These companies operate like utility services and offer weekly curbside pickup of garbage and rubbish. In cities where this service has been deregulated, you may have a lot of companies to choose from. They will provide you with a rollout cart and weekly pickup times. Check for policies before signing up. Rules may dictate that trash be bagged and tied or that you call ahead for special waste collection. Sanitation services will often concurrently take your recycling.
  • Scrap Metal Recycling – Whether you have a car or a refrigerator that you want to discard, you can actually receive cash for these goods with scrap metal recycling companies. Ask about whether they will come and collect your items. Scrap metal recycling can be highly specialized, with some companies focusing on copper and others taking just computers.

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