Merchandising Service in 59901 Zip Code
Types of Merchandising Services

Merchandising services involves marketing products through promotional ads, retail sales, displays, and more to capture the attention of consumers. Companies that operate in this arena may offer merchandising and stocking, consulting, retail plans, and private label development. Their focus is to strengthen market execution for their clients by implementing specific strategies designed to help gain exposure. Professionals skilled in marketing and other areas can help you achieve brand and logo recognition, as well. Check out these types of merchandising services offered by such professionals.

  • Displays – Capture customers’ attention right as they walk into your store with interactive displays, a proven, effective merchandising technique. Strategically placed focal points can go a long way to redirecting shoppers to the desired items the store is looking to sell.
  • Supply Chain Management – This involves making sure products get from the manufacturer to the retail stores in a timely manner. Every aspect of the process, from shipping to delivery to stocking shelves, is monitored and tracked, ensuring a smooth flow.
  • Fashion Marketing – The fashion world plays a big part in any merchandising process, with services ranging from sourcing to consultancy for retailers, importers, wholesalers and other clients. Professionals within this segment are experts at identifying and marketing trends. This category may include fashion direction, publishing and product development.
  • Secret Shoppers - Also called mystery shoppers, these people are hired by merchandising services firms to purchase products within a particular store, then provide feedback to the merchandising firm about their experience. They give marks on customer service, cleanliness of the location, product quality, promotional efforts, and overall purchasing experience.

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