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Leasing Services Frequently Asked Questions
Leasing services offer financing for new and used equipment for commercial businesses. If you are interested in finding out about what leasing services have to offer, then these answers to a few commonly asked questions might be useful to you:

Why would I need a leasing service?
If you are starting a new business and require such items as furnishings, manufacturing equipment, telecommunications systems, computer systems, delivery vehicles and warehouse space, then it might be more cost effective to lease those materials rather than to purchase them outright. Additionally, there are many tax benefits to leasing equipment, since lease payments can be deducted as business related expenses. You can choose different leasing options (yearly, two year, four year, etc.), which gives you the option of upgrading equipment that might have grown obsolete. It is also an excellent opportunity to test the usefulness and necessity of certain types of equipment, and decide if you want to purchase it outright.

What do leasing services provide?
Leasing services offer businesses package deals including computer systems, telephones, printing and copying equipment, office work stations (cubicles, cabinets, desks, etc.), office furniture, lobby furniture and lobby entertainment and audio equipment. These deals can be from different vendors, and can include equipment and materials for varying purposes. You can opt for various finance programs, and if you are the owner of an existing business with a good credit history, then many leasing services will offer specially engineered options that meet your operation's particular needs. Leasing services also offer freight, installation and training in the use of the leased equipment.

What companies use leasing services?
All kinds of industries use leasing services. Manufacturing businesses can lease material handling equipment and machinery. Construction companies can lease hauling and loading equipment. Medical and dental offices can lease X-ray equipment, examination tables, MRI and lab equipment.

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