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Types of Services Provided by Animal Hospitals

Usually an animal hospital will provide routine health care during normal business hours, including things like flea and tick control, worm control, and spaying or neutering. Some focus on cats and dogs, but many can also handle other creatures. This type of clinic might also offer 24 Hour emergency service, although this is not as common and depending on where you live there may only be a few centers near you that are open during non-business hours. Here are a few types of services provided by an animal hospital.

  • Preventative Services - Preventative health care includes things like administering a vaccine against rabies or Lyme disease, testing for heartworms and providing oral medications to prevent heartworms, and screening for parasites such as tapeworm.
  • Dental - A vet can perform a dental exam which includes a teeth cleaning and dental x-rays if necessary. Some also perform dental surgery.
  • Surgery - Usually a center will be able to perform routine surgeries such as spay or neuter, or de-clawing a cat. Depending on the vet staff available, some will also offer more advanced types of surgery such as tumor removal, abdominal exploratory in order to remove a foreign object the pet has swallowed, or bladder surgery to remove bladder stones.
  • Emergency Care - There are some centers that do offer 24 Hour service. They are open year-round, including on holidays, and able to provide critical care and surgeries for a pet that has been injured or is ill.
  • Grooming - Often a clinic will also provide grooming services for its clients, including things like nail clipping for your dog, bathing, hair trimming and ear cleaning.

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