Horseshoers in 48111 Zip Code
Specialties Within Horseshoeing

Horseshoers, those who apply shoes to horses, usually boast lots of experience in this area. It takes years of practice to get it just right. Horseshoes, U-shaped steel objects, are applied by nail to the underside of a horse’s hooves. These not only provide protection for the feet over coarse roadways and trails, but they also prevent their hooves from wearing down quickly. Horses with foot or leg problems need special shoes too. The term farrier and horseshoer are interchangeable. Here are some specialties found within the horseshoeing business.

  • Farriers – Professional horseshoers who attend school or learn a trade through a family farming business. Farriers take care of a horse’s foot through regular maintenance. They can trim and observe the conditions of the hooves, plus he or she can clean out dead soles and balance the hoof. They use many supplies in their care of equine hooves, such as rasps, hoof knives, hoof picks, and nippers.
  • Blacksmith – Blacksmith professionals essentially provide the same services for hoof care as farriers do. They have special expertise when it comes to applying steel shoes with nails to improve the horse’s gait and assist with conformation. They may also form the U-shaped shoes using iron and anvils.
  • Veterinarian – These animal doctors also have knowledge of horseshoeing, particular those professionals who work exclusively with horses. They have extensive knowledge of animal anatomy and physiology, which they take courses on in school. These specialists may administer supplements as well.
  • Groomer – Horse groomers typically work at a stable regularly attending to the care of horses, particularly their feet, to keep up good circulation and protect the hooves from rough terrain. They file, trim and provide other grooming techniques using various supplies and tools.

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