Scrap Metals Processing & Recycling in 46231 Zip Code
Specialties Within Scrap Metal Processing and Recycling

Metals can be a valuable resource, even when they are just scraps or unused electronic equipment. Recycling centers and processors offer a convenient way to turn your scrap into money and reduce landfill space. These companies may specialize in a certain type of process, but often accept all forms and types of scrap metal.

  • Residential Scrap Metal Services - As a resident, you may find you have many forms of metal that can be recycled for money. Aluminum cans, cars and appliances are often thrown into dumps, but can be recycled instead. Recycling centers are often set up near residential areas so people can bring their aluminum cans. You can find a center that takes appliances such as refrigerators, washers and stoves, and receive money for them. Scrap metal recyclers may pick up your car for you and pay you cash for it on the spot.
  • Commercial Scrap Metal - Commercial and industrial organizations often find they need to get rid of their building scrap. Through a metal processing company, you can get cash for the substance based on the rates they offer. Rebar, aluminum, copper and other metal waste can get a good price. Byproducts of manufacturing are the residues that fall of out of use or application. Scrap metal dealers often accept obsolete machinery, rail and other parts that have stainless steel, iron and other valuable metals.
  • Copper Wire - You can safely dispose of and exchange copper wire for money through scrap metal recyclers. Copper wire can be found in electrical panels, wiring, controls and other equipment.
  • Precious Metal - Some companies may specialize in recovering and refining precious metals. Gold, silver, platinum and scrap can be processed. Processors may accept sources including dental fillings, gold and silver flakes and precious metal sludge.

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